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I'm not getting any more notices but I'm scratching my head as to how I'm gonna update these pc's now lol I ended up turning off on-access scanning and they instantly updated from the live security service.Bandwidth peaked at about 60 Megs there for 5 minutes while they all snagged it.We had a script we were using to copy the essential files back; this appears to be cleaner.Be sure to turn off tamper protection as well - it appears to interfere iwth the repairs. I'm not sure how they are going to fix this, Sophos has quarantined it's own update executables, so even if they do push out a new definition file, the clients aren't going to be able to download it.

If the Sophos Update Manager doesn't want to pull the update, stop savservice, delete the borked def. Now, granted we just have it to deny access and not actually Hey guys, I work for Sophos support. Is sophos planning to do anything to extend an olive branch to those of us who have lost so much time and productivity mopping up the mess from this? I'm highly interested if Sophos are going to provide a fix for this mess; as it stands I'll have to clean every users quarantine after somehow obtaining new definitions (which will take some time, considering Sophos now quarantined their own update routines).

IF you are only denying access on un-cleanable files, everything should fix itself.

(With the above procedure.)If you are deleting or moving, you will need a script or something to put the files back. This is the problem I'm having, it quarantined the update service on the server and about 130 clients...

1200 seats over about 30 non connected domains where we may need to dig through sophos logs to fix... One issue - this ONLY works if you have "Deny access only" as your option for "What to do if cleanup fails." If you have "delete" or any variation of "move," well, you're in for a bad day.

Check out the thread, but you will need to find a way to replace those files from autoupdater that were removed.

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