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1, Harold Helms, do sadly bequeath my empty gas tank to Eddie Mc Cain.

I, Tom Mc Cain, do bequeath my Learners Permit to Bob Mc Guirt.

I, Dottie Dixon, do bequeath my accurate hook shots on the basketball court to Dot Duncan.

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I, La Rue Smith, do bequeath my barbells to the Bouncer, Reade Murray.

I, Juanita Knight, do bequeath my love for Model As to Doris Parnell.

I, Vivien Hinson, do bequeath my sincere love for Pageland to Miss Baker.

I, Mildred Blackburn, bequeath my complete lack of interest in boys to Carol Holloway.

We, Juanita Efird and Frieda Bryant, willingly bequeath our positions of importance at the Glamour Shop to Sara Frank Helms and Betty Sue Chaney.

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