Sql trigger for updating one table from another

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If you change the database default collation afterwards, the new collation will be used.With the older versions of Hyper SQL the special type VARCHAR_IGNORECASE was used as the column type for case-insensitive comparison.

The views contain lists of all the database objects that exist within the catalog, plus all authorizations. A name is an identifier and is unique within its name-space. Each database has also an internal "unique" name which is automatically generated when the database is created. By definition, each schema object belongs to a specific schema.A catalog contains schemas, and schemas contain the objects that contain data or govern the data.Each catalog contains a special schema called INFORMATION_SCHEMA. Permission is granted to distribute this document without any alteration under the terms of the HSQLDB license.Additional permission is granted to the HSQL Development Group to distribute this document with or without alterations under the terms of the HSQLDB license.

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