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Suggs, who grew up outside of Chicago, wanted to see what the rivalry was like for herself."I assumed it to be like Kentucky-Louisville, where people hate each other," Suggs said."And when I got here it was like, we're cool with them.That's the easiest part for Suggs to relate to."We kind of get each other," Suggs said."We both understand when we have good days and we have bad days, but we've been through the same thing, so we're supportive of each other."Some of their friends have gone so far as to call Suggs the reason why Johnson's game has picked up.

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A Florida State fan who passed by Johnson asked, "Are you trying to get beat up over here?

Suggs returns Johnson's favor and gets over to watch Carolina games when her schedule allows.

Before the Heels' showdown with Maryland in December, Johnson even convinced her to wear a Carolina T-shirt to the game."I'll probably never wear Carolina blue ever again," said Suggs, who is still working on getting Johnson into a Duke shirt at her games.

Some of them, he said, even cheer for Carolina, which is why no one bothers him when he's at a game."People don't understand we may not speak during the week leading up to the game, but there's a lot of respect there between Carolina and Duke," Johnson said. Sometimes, I have thought about it like, it is weird sitting behind Duke's bench in Cameron."Suggs' first trip to Chapel Hill wasn't weird at all.

As a freshman who had only heard of the rivalry, she accompanied a teammate to attend "Late Night with Roy," Carolina's annual season-opening event.

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