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A Windows user with IE, Firefox and Chrome can have three copies of the Flash Player and each can be at a different version. For many years the update procedure for Flash was manual, rather than automatic.Now (December 2014) that things are more automated, the problem is inconsistency.Websites that need Flash can still use it, but the end user has to first okay this by clicking on the area of the page devoted to Flash. As of Chrome v45, you enable click-to-play with: Settings - "Let Me choose when to run plugin content" radio button.

For one thing, Chrome does a painless (if at times less than perfect) job of keeping the Flash Player up to date with bug fixes.Many times the Chrome browser has reported that it was up to date, yet Flash was not.GOODBYE FLASH This site (page really) started as way for me to easily find the main Adobe Flash tester page (links at the top above) which reports both on the installed copy of Flash in your browser and the latest version for assorted operating systems.It is packaged one way for use with Internet Explorer (an Active X control) and another way (referred to as the plugin version) for use with Firefox and Opera.Then along came Chrome with its own embedded copy, an idea that Microsoft copied with the desktop edition of Internet Explorer 10 and 11 on Windows 8.

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