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The thing is, while "Aqualung" is a great song (as is most every song on the album), it is certainly not the group's finest moment.

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Before that, they released a bunch of fantastic, light-hearted pop singles which can mostly be found on Living In the Past (10/10 for that one). Sam Thirouin (scthir.1st.net) Probably one of the most eclectic rock (if you want to categorize it somewhere) groups in history, Jethro Tull have always been my favorite in all the years I have known of them (1971, with Aqualung). RHenn com Minstrel, Too Old to Rock n' Roll..., and Songs From the Wood.It's true that Jethro Tull are also one of those bands which are massive in a way, and yet hardly anyone you meet on the street will even know who they are (like Yes, or Crimson, or, well, almost any Prog band) - I guess that's what's called a "cult" band - they have a limited following, but boy, that limited following is a heard of Jethro Tull who seem to share your views on them - a good band who did too much. Still, I've always thought that when it comes to art (or music), it's better for it rather than everyone to like it. For one thing, there's always a Tull album that reflects the listening mood I'm in, thanx to the diversity of each album. Where are they now, touring with Yes, making Disney songs, or propping up Donny Osmand's career? While I love all three, I find it hard to figure out why you rated Too Old highest.I am one to listen to lyrics also, and Ian Anderson's lyrics are some of the most intelligent and thought-provoking I've heard. You seem to be stuck on melody, try three blind mice. I would have ranked them completely opposite of you.The main problem I have is that trying to pigeonhole Jethro Tull as prog rock only does a major disservice to the band, mainly becase they can't be pigeonholed as ANYTHING but simply 'Jethro Tull.' I mean, there's a reason you don't hear about too many Jethro Tull cover bands - the style they created is simply inimitable.Some folk, a smidge of classical, a touch of hard rock and a pinch of blues, all mixed just right with the unusual personality of frontman Ian Anderson.

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