Updating child tables hibernate

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Q 21 What are Ascential Dastastage Products, Connectivity Ans: Ascential Products Ascential Data Stage Ascential Data Stage EE (3) Ascential Data Stage EE MVS Ascential Data Stage TX Ascential Quality Stage Ascential Meta Stage Ascential RTI (2) Ascential Profile Stage Ascential Audit Stage Ascential Commerce Manager Industry Solutions Connectivity Files RDBMS Real-time PACKs EDI Other Q 22 Explain Data Stage Architecture? DSMake Job Report Insert arguments into the message template.

s parameters DSGet Param Info Get the log event from the job log DSGet Log Entry Get a number of log events on the specified subject from the job log DSGet Log Summary Get the newest log event, of a specified type, from the job log DSGet Newest Log Id Log an event to the job log of a different job DSLog Event Stop a controlled job DSStop Job Return a job handle previously obtained from DSAttach Job DSDetach Job Log a fatal error message in a job's log file and aborts the job.

Monster Dimension: If rapidly changes in Dimension are known as Monster Dimension. These macros provide the functionality of using the DSGet Project Info, DSGet Job Info, DSGet Stage Info, and DSGet Link Info functions with the DSJ.

Junk Dimension: The Dimension table, which contains only flags. These can be used in expressions (for example for use in Transformer stages), job control routines, filenames and table names, and before/after subroutines.

Answer: Stage Variable - An intermediate processing variable that retains value during read and doesn? Constraint - Conditions that are either true or false that specifies flow of data with a link. Question: What is Hash file stage and what is it used for? A) Static - Sub divided into 17 types based on Primary Key Pattern. Question: How to run a Shell Script within the scope of a Data stage job?

Question: What are Stage Variables, Derivations and Constants? We can increase it by going into Datastage Administrator and selecting the Tunable Tab and specify the cache size over there. It is also used in-place of ODBC, OCI tables for better performance. Answer: Hashed File is classified broadly into 2 types.

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