Updating datasource using dataadapter

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' Establish Connection Dim my Connection as New Sql Connection(connection string) my Connection.

Read on to learn why I am a Data Reader man all the way. There are such things as strongly-typed Data Sets, which are classes that extend the Data Set (and Data Table) classes and include properties and other members specific to the data being represented by the Data Set.Just like a database is comprised of a set of tables, a Data Set is made up of a collection of Data Table objects.Whereas a database can have relationships among its tables, along with various data integrity constraints on the fields of the tables, so too can a Data Set have relationships among its Data Tables and constraints on its Data Tables' fields.Additionally, the Data Set has some powerful XML-related capabilities. NET developers might not give pause and think about what is the best data object to use.For example, you can serialize a Data Set into XML through its method. All things being equal, it doesn't really matter which data object you use. Clearly there is a major difference in features supported between the Data Reader and Data Set, so it's only logical that there be an inverse in the tradeoff between the two objects' performance.

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