Updating feisty fawn

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I have yet to learn how to correct this problem, so if anyone knows how to fix the mouse cursor, please feel free to post that information. You have managed to install and upgrade Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns to the final Linux version.: Browse the settings to see if there's something you'd like to change. AVG will then try to download the latest updates from the internet.I would also like to give credit to the author of this web page ( for providing additional information on fixing a bug with Kohan.In addition, I extend my sincere thanks to the fine folks at Tux Games ( for providing a stable resource for the Loki patches.However, if you attempt to run Kohan after updating to the latest version, the game will hang at the loading screen.From the information I retrieved through Google, this is due to the fact that Kohan was compiled with an older version of glibc.

sh kohan-1.2.0-x86--keep This will output an error message to the terminal, this message can be ignored.

If the disc is not mounted automatically, be sure to mount it manually either through Nautilus or in a terminal: mount /dev/hdc If you have more than one optical drive or if you are using an SATA optical drive, please modify /dev/hdc to correspond to your set-up.

With the Kohan installation disc mounted, proceed to run the installation program.

You should see the following screen here Now you can see 7.04 is available for upgrade click on upgrade Now you should see the release notes as follows here you need to click on upgrade Once you click on upgrade you might get the error "Authentication failed" You need to fix the above error for this open the terminal and type the "gpg" and press enter once you see the following message gpg: Go ahead and type your message ...

Press Ctrl C and then start the install process again. If you have a CD-ROM line in your file, then remove it.

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