Updating firmware on linksys router

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that means, you will be able to manage your router advance configurations from any remote location..

How to upgrade your wireless router's firmware - lifewire, How to upgrade your wireless router's firmware upgrading your router's firmware is usually a good idea.

Loopholes and other vulnerabilities could allow unauthorized intrusion into the local area network and affected computers. Many updates patch security weaknesses and some introduce convenient new features or customizations. Click the drop-down menu to select your hardware version number.

Cisco Systems manufactures Linksys routers and periodically releases new firmware versions for their products. Scan the available firmware versions and compare them with your router's version number.

Linksys released its source code to the public, and the public made an effort to improve on the original.

Think of the possibilities if Cisco released its IOS source code to the public.

Basically, installing this firmware takes a limited functionality consumer router and adds many of the features of an enterprise router.

Do you have a Cisco or Linksys wireless router at your home or office? It just can't offer the same level of functionality that an enterprise router or enterprise wireless access point can, right? Enter aftermarket firmware for your Linksys wireless router.

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