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When you want to review account activity over several fiscal periods, as well as statistics such as delinquent days sales outstanding (DSO), weighted average days late, average invoice amount, percent of invoices paid late, and so forth, you can run the Statistics History Update program (R03B16A).In addition to providing statistical information about the performance of collections over a period, the system enables you to review multiple customer accounts simultaneously for comparison purposes.Derik is a regular contributor to Dynamics CRM tip of the Day.

For example, suppose a receipt for 100,000 is one day late. Larger receipt amounts have a greater effect on the average days late.The system also updates inception-to-date statistics for the customer accounts.This information is similar to the periodic statistics except that the system accumulates statistical information from the time the customer's account is opened.It includes: After the system gathers the information, it updates the F03B16 and F03B16S tables.The F03B16S records are a summary of a subset of F03B16 records. The system stores summary information at the parent/child level.

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