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Added link to undumped Wiki, Game Not Working List and updated other links. Part two of three - adding all the non-working games for the most part. Added/updated pictures of Angler Dangler, Manhattan, Sengoku Ninja Tai, Nebula. Removed Lock-On, moved Pinball 421 to non-games, GP World to laserdisc games, and updated Gals Panic 2. Removed Gekisou, Super Bowl, Pit Boss II, Super Pit Boss, Pit Boss Megastar, Megatouch 6, Risky Challenge/Gussun Oyoyo, Tang Tang, Side By Side 2, Moon Base. These are differently named clones of games in MAME (such as Boomerang, in MAME as Ikki).

Added to NOT WORKING: Cal Omega Games, Toy Fighter, World PK Soccer V2. Also added Dipswitch Name Changes section for games (such as Block Carnival/Thunder & Lightning 2 or Smokey Joe which is in the MAME Fire Truck driver). Removed Gappolin, Wild Arrow, Mahjong G-Taste, Match-It II, Street Fighter III, Jojo's Venture, Warzard, Change Lanes, DJ Boy, Taisen Hot Gimmick 4, Sliver, Cross Blades, Last Fighting, Super Eagle Shot, Super Real Mahjong P6, Joryuu Syougi Kyoushitsu, Hayaoshi Quiz Grand Champion Taikai, Hayaoshi Quiz Nettou Namahousou, Super Real Mahjong, Vs Janshi Brand New Stars, Mahjong Tian Jiang Shen Bing, Maze Invaders, Jumbo Ozaki Super Masters Golf, The Block Kuzushi, Mahjong Hot Gimmick Integral, Midway Road Runner, Mortal Kombat 4, Invasion, Buggy Boy/Speed Buggy upright, Task Force Harrier, Spectrum 2000, Big Fight, Ripper Ribbit, Chicken Farm, Crazzy Clownz, Space Fighter Mark II.

Removed "unknown" unnamed games as it is too difficult to keep track of what they end up being. Updated Soreike Kokorogy 2, Parasol Stars, Quiz Show, Ms Pac-Man Twin, Spacian, Space Cyclone, Bubble Trouble. Kicker, Crackin' DJ, Joker's Wild, King Tut, Money In the Bank, Penguin Adventure, Quarter Horse Classic, Pinkiri 8, Gundam Wing: Endless Duel, Fun Station Spielekoffer 9 Spiele, Vega, Monza GP, Quarter Horse, Bega's Battle, Computer Quiz Atama no Taisou, Cycle Mahbou, Race Drivin' Panorama, Metal Maniax, Happy 6-in-1, Magic Mask, Geisha, Kimble Double HI-LO, Fast Draw, Draw Poker HI-LO, Video Stars, The King of Fighters Neowave, Final Furlong, Dragon Chronicles, Netchuu Pro Yakyuu 2002, Soul Calibur II, Tekken 4, Mobile Suit Z-Gundam: A. Gorf, moved ZX-2000 and added Sagaia and Fantastic Journey to "other name" section. Added prototype games Ant Raid, Ptooie Louie, Midway's Pro Tour, Spectre Files, Ugly Stick, RC, Wild Pitch, E.

Removed (Sonic Blast Man) Real Puncher, it is emulated though not playable since there is no punching-pad support. Removed American Soccer, Space Walk, Salary Man Champ, Super World Stadium '99, Onna Sanrisou, Raccoon World, Hanajingi, Cross Bingo (Poker Carnival), Wolf Fang, Pro Soccer, Lady Master, Fantastic Journey, Final Lap 3, Touchmaster 2000 Plus, Kick Boy, Super Real Mahjong Part 5, Trivia (SMS), Almond Pinky, American Poker II, Rapid Fire, Dakkochan Jansou, Pinball Champ '95, Jansou, Mr. Updated Zero Target, Gunpey, Frog & Spiders (bootleg? Random driver snapshots for gambling/mahjong games 86 Lions, Cherry Bonus 2001, Croupier, Funny Strip, Jackpot Pool, and Jan Oh. T., Southern Systems Joker Poker, Gundam Battle Operating Simulator, Sega Club Golf 2006 Next Tours, Ollie King, Quizard, Quizard Rainbow, Out Run 2, Battle Gear, Battle Gear 2, Pop n' Music 5, Unknown Meyco Game, Ron Jan, Win Win Bingo, Zoo, X Five Jokers, Magic Number, Magic Class, Abacus, Euro Pass, Book Theatre, Taiko no Tatsujin 10, Dragon World 3 EX, Dragon World 2001, Chance Kun, Photo Y2K 2, War of the Bugs or Monsterous Manouvers in a Mushroom Maze, Fighting Mania, Frog & Spiders, House of the Dead 2, Time Crisis 3, Print Club Pokemon B, Adders and Ladders, Strike it Lucky, Ten Quid Grid, Eyes Down, Blox, Prize Space Invaders, Sega Strike Fighter, Kick '4' Cash, Downhill Bikers, Multi Win, Joker Master, Gunmen Wars, L. Added TX-1 V8, Vic Viper, Fokker, Monster Olympics. REMOVED Mirage Youjuu Mahjongden, Grudge Match (Yankee), Double Dealer, Yumefuda, Good, Mahjong Daireikai, Otogizoushi Urashima Mahjong, Megatouch 5, Astropal, Pit Boss, TX-1, Chanbara, Super Football Champ, Magical Date, Fighters' Impact, Judge Dredd, Cube Quest, Da Ban Cheng, Kyuukyoku no Othello, Galactic Storm, Survival, Wonder League 96, Deroon Dero Dero, Sigma Poker 2000, Touki Denshou Angel Eyes, Chase Bombers, World Rally, Pinbot PC-10, Snooker 10, Side By Side, Touchmaster 3000-7000, Filetto, Jackie Chan Kung Fu Master/Fists of Fire, Firefox, Super Free Kick, (4 nin-uchi Mahjong) Jantotsu, Sky Lancer, Mad Zoo, (New) Lucky 8 Lines, Turbo Sub, Soul Calibur, Megatouch 3, Space Battleship Gomorrah. T., Road Runner (LD), Bloodlust IK3, Shooting World, Hot Rod Rebels, Ms Gorf, Clone, Barzoids, Destructon Derby, Masters of the Universe, Star Trek, Accelerator. Added to NOT WORKING Touchmaster 5000, 7000, Give Us a Break, Ten Up, Beeline, Chase Bombers.

If you are aware of a city not listed please contact us.

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Removed Yellow Cab, DECO Pro Sports, Super Draw (poker), Vs Soccer (Japan), Space Bomber ver A. Added a bunch of Semicom games with pictures: Carket Ball, Cute Fighter, Gaia, Goal Goal Goal, Jumping Pams, Lode Quest, Macheollu, Magic Ball Fighting, Rety and Bluemi, Red Wyvern, Twinkle II, Wonder Dunk. (Thanks Brian) Also some screenshots of some of the Atari protos from CA Extreme. Took some snapshots of Journey (Stern) from the Starcade page. As the removal of Super Wing leaves only "Friday" on the UPL page, merged UPL page with 80s games. Moved to NOT WORKING: Two Minute Drill, Skeet Shot. vs Titans, Capcom Fighting Jam, Quiz and Veriety Suku Suku Inufuku 2, Mobile Suit Z-Gundam: A. , Net Select Keiba Victory Furlong, Salary Man Kintarou, Amatic Unknown Slots Game, Multi Game I, Multi Game III, Super Major League '99, Gun Survivor 2: Bio Hazard Code Veronica, Club Kart: European Session, The King of Fighters Neowave, Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, Colorama, Rabbit Poker, Coinmaster Keno, Extreme Hunting 2, Dirt Dash, Extreme Hunting, Photo Play, Capcom vs. Since this is quite a hefty update it'll be in a few parts - I'll get to adding the non-working games and other updates next. , Beast Busters 2nd Nightmare, Tokimeki Mahjong Paradise Doki Doki Hen, Gran Tesoro / Play 2000, Dengen Tenshi Taisen Janshi Shangri-la, California Chase, 3 Super 8, Night Raid, Thunderbirds, Diamond Touch, Adonis, Margarita Magic, Triple Star 2000, Super Star, Super Jolly, Tokyo Wars, Microman Battle Charge, Technical Bowling, Golden Pyramids, Queen of the Nile, Super Cherry Master. DDR Max (DDR 6th Mix) DDR Max 2 (DDR 7th Mix) Dead or Alive Dead Eye Dealer Decathlete Dengen Tenshi Taisen Janshi Shangri-la Derby Owner's Club 2000 Derby Owner's Club World Edition Derby Quiz My Dream Horse Desert Tank Destiny Horoscope Deuces Wild 2 Diamond Derby Diamond Touch Dirt Devils Dirty Pigskin Football Dolphin Treasure Donggul Donggul Haerong Dou Di Zhu Downhill Bikers Dragon Chronicles Dragon World 3 Dragon World 3 EX Dragon's Lair Dragon's Lair II Draw 80 Poker Draw Poker HI-LO Dream Crown DRHL Poker The Drink Driver's Eyes Drum Mania Drum Mania 2nd Mix Drum Mania 4th Mix Drum Mania 5th Mix Drum Mania 7th Mix Drum Mania 7th Mix power-up ver Drum Mania 8th Mix Drum Mania 9th Mix Drum Mania 10th Mix Dual Games Dynamite Baseball '97 Dynamite Cop Eleven Beat Elvis Emergency Call Ambulance Esh's Aurunmilla Euro Jolly X5 Euro Pass Europa 2002 Evil Night Exciting Black Jack Explorer Extreme Hunting Extreme Hunting 2 Eyes Down EZ Touch F1 Super Battle Fashion Gambler Fast Draw Showdown Faster Than Speed Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition Fate: Unlimited Codes Fearless Pinocchio Ferrari F355 Challenge (Twin) Ferrari F355 Challenge 2 (Twin) Fighting Bujutsu Fighting Mania Fighting Vipers Fighting Vipers 2 Final Arch Final Fight Revenge Final Furlong Final Furlong 2 Find Love Forte Card Four Roses Frank 'n' Stein Fruit Fresh Fruit Star Fruit Star Bonus Fun Station Spielekoffer 9 Spiele Funky Ball Funny Fruit Funny Land de Luxe Funny Strip Future Flash Galaxian: Project Dragoon Galaxy Ranger Gallagher's Gallery Gallop Racer 2 Gals Panic 2 Gals Panic 2 Quiz Version Gals Panic 2 Special Edition Gals Panic 3 Game Magic Game Cristal Gamshara Geisha Gekitoride-Jong Space Gekitsui Oh Get Bass Giga Wing Generations Glass Go By RC Go! Connie chan Jaka Jaka Janken Goal to Go Godzilla Goketsuji Ichizoku Golden Canaries Golden Pyramids Golden Tee Fore!

Also removed special clone versions Dynablaster, Sagaia, and Gun Hard. Added DECO casette games Bumpoline, DS Telejan 4 player, Bobitto, Tume-Go Kaisyou Added to NOT WORKING: Pong, Brixian, Quiz Show, Namco Stars, Gunbalina, Mazan, NFL Classic Football, Ninja Assault, Panicuru Panekuru, Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling, Wangan Midnight Maximum, Power Shovel Simulator, Fighting Bujutsu, Racing Jam DX, World Soccer Winning 11 Arcade 20, IGS games Chess Challenge 2, EZ Touch, Gone Fishing 2, Knights of Valour Aoshi Sanguo, Speed Driver, Hyper Viper, New Hi-Lo Poker, Quiz Punch, Video Poker, more Naomi games, Nichubutsu pervy games Bikinikko, Jyunai, Jyunai 2, Mahjohng Hanafuda Cosplay, Nanpa, Cosplay Tengoku 7, PC Engine bootleg games, Super Famicom Box, Virtuality system, Shooting Zone, Sega Golden Poker, Donggul Donggul Haerong (Hero Hero Kun), Metal Man, 7 Smash, Tap-a-Tune, S-Plus, Cherry Master, Country Club Classic, Home Run Classic, Trap Shoot Classic, Mahjong Mania, Popo Bear, Star Trek Voyager, Special Forces Elite Training, Mahjong Momotarou, Animal Basket, Alien Arcade Medal Edition, Arcana Heart Full, Shooting Love 2007, Illvelo, Melty Blood Acress Again, Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf Achse, Man, oh-Mann, Orbatak, Popeye, Frank 'n' Stein, Ichi Ban Jyan, Pot O' Gold, Touryuumon, Revolution, Exciting Black Jack, Beatmania IIDX 2nd Style, Mario Kart Arcade GP, Wangan Midnight, Skins Game, Wild Poker, Super Dragon Ball Z, Bloody Roar 3, Fate: Unlimited Codes, Gundam vs Gundam, Battle of Yu Yu Hakusho, Beach Head 2000/2002/2003/ Hyper V2, Need For Speed Underground. Added some snapshots of Road Runner LD from You Tube videos. Updated Big Paw's Cave to Berenstain Bears in Big Paw's Cave. Added pictures for Marble Man, Moonquake, Nightmare, Aka Zukin, Dracula Hunter. SNK Millenium Fight 2000, Videotronics Poker, Space Walk, Neo Print - '98 Neo Pri Best 44, Top Gear, K. Bird, Black Rhino, Phantom Pays, Sweet Hearts II, Golden Canaries, Coral Riches II, Shootout Pool, Multipede, Road Blaster, Time Traveler, Pirati, Johnny Nero Action Hero, Poly-Net Warriors, The House of the Dead III, Jockey Club II, Quake Arcade Tournament, Turret Tower, Skeet Shot, Magical Truck Adventure, Hit Poker, Sports Shooting USA, Ranger Mission, beatmania IIDX, Enchanted Forest, Dolphin Treasure, Bank Robbery, Deuces Wild 2, Maxi Double Poker, Mega Double Poker Jackpot, Poker 52, The Hermit, Mambo A Go-Go, Unknown French poker, Unknown entrypted poker. REMOVED Fire Trap (Japan), Alien Challenge, Lucky Girl (1991), Night Gal, Night Bunny, Royal Night, International Team Laser, Sexy Boom, Pachi Fever, F-15 Strike Eagle, Battle of the Solar System, Tank Battle (was listed under Super Tank Attack), Versus Net Soccer, Soccer Superstars, Shark Party, Victor 5, Victor 21, Top Shooter Mahjong Super Da Man Guan II, Skimaxx, Rushing Heroes, Run & Gun 2, Oh! Rap Boys, Sky Love, Panther, 39 in 1, Cliff Hanger, Cobra Command, Back Fire (Tecmo), Tokimeki Mahjong Paradise - Dear My Love, Tokimeki Mahjong Paradise - Doki Doki Hen, Laser Quiz, Laser Strixx 2, Laser Quiz 2, Magic Premium, Candy Puzzle, Harem Challenge, Steel Worker, Mirax, Super Crowns Golf, Bullet, Rumba Lumber, Denjin Makai, Balloon & Balloon, Dain San Wakusei. Merged Alien Challenge and Huang Fei Hong, added picture for Ms.

OTHER UPDATES: Updated EM game Crossfire and added Zap, Home Run/Country Club/Trap Shoot Classic, Mann Oh-Mann, Popeye JPM, 18 Wheeler, Ice Cold Beer, Zeke's Peak. Added pictures for Nichibutsu gambling games Extra Card, Hana Royal, Liberty 7, Liberty Bell, fixed year of Hana Puter and Super GX. ADDED TO NOT WORKING: Shakatto Tambourine, Crackin' DJ Part 2, Mars TV, Sega Bass Fishing Challenge, Sega Clay Challenge, Royal Ascot, Pop'n Music 4, 6, 8, Animelo 2, Beatmania III Append 7th and Final, Para Para Paradise 1st Mix Plus, Dragon's Lair 2, Cops, LD Mahjong #4, Raizin Ping Pong, Chaos Breaker, Spica Adventure, Chase HQ 2, Fearless Pinocchio, Game Magic, 99 Bottles of Beer, Winning Streak, Blankity Bank, Bank Raid, Lucky Arrows, Solid Gold, Music Ball, Super Pinball Action (prototype), Pop Shot, Mega Lines, Super Card, Fruit Star, Fruit Fresh, Bingo Mania, Power Card, VLC Nevada, Pring Club 2 '97, Fuit Star Bonus, The Big Game, Special Effects, Reel Good Time, Treasure Hunt, Hot Slots, Golden Tee Fore!The following is a partial list of cities and counties that prohibit or strictly regulate the private possession of certain exotic animals.Given the difficulty in researching every city and county code, we have provided you with only a sampling.So, if an entry is blank or a well-known game is not included, I don't have any additional information. (Japan), Western Gun Part II, Sparkman, Double Wings, Tap-a-Tune, Vs.Great thanks go out to everyone that's helped out in the list - the keepers of other similar pages (links below) and countless e-mails. Skate Kids, Donkey King, Ace Driver: Victory Lap, Columns 3, The Couples, Amatic Unknown Slots, Jan Yu Ki, Super Ranger, Kizuna Encounter Special, Night Raid, Mahjong Nenrikishu SP, Ultra Toukon Densetsu, Pye-nage Taikai, Taihou de Doboon, Hae Hae Ka Ka Ka, Dragon World II, Jingle Bell, The Killing Blade, Gunbarl, (Quiz & Variety) Sukusuku Inufuku, War of the Bugs, Springboard, Cyber Commando, Wink, Dream Fruit (Fruit Dream), (Touchstar) Bonanza, Rabbit Poker, Soul Edge Ver II (which in turn removes the Zinc section), Video Stars (it was added as a non-working MAME driver, and is no longer in MAME, ended up being a Crazy Kong clone).

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