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All churches, from church plants to established churches, single campuses to multi-site organizations, small town congregations to mega-churches, face having more administrative work than time in the day.

Icon CMO provides all the necessities a church needs to productively manage their congregation and finances.

Could you help shed some light on the matter for those of us who are in the dark?

Do all churches need to be in compliance with these standards? Could you give us a brief summary of the standards?

Fund accounting can be a difficult process without the right software.

Many times churches will find themselves using creative methods to keep the funds separate: multiple checkbooks, Excel spreadsheets, or, worse, recording the funds incorrectly under liability or revenue accounts.

This link is kept intact even after making corrections to the donation records.

Why this Interview is a Must Read for Anyone Dealing with Church Management and Accounting Sit back, relax, and take the time to read this whole interview.

It provides the answers to some of the tough questions church leaders and staff face. This allows you to actually do ministry, not administration.

Icon Systems did an excellent blog post about ROI that can help many churches make these tough financial decisions and be good stewards of the resources that were given.

The ROI should pay itself back within one year or less for technology investments.

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