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To do so create a file: sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/add the following contents: Save and close the file.Then disable the default virtual host file and enable the nibbleblog virtual host file with the following command: sudo a2dissite 000-defaultssudo a2ensite nibbleblog Next, restart the Apache service to read the new virtual host configuration: sudo systemctl restart apache2 Once you are done, you can proceed to access Nibbleblog web interface. So you will need to allow port 80 through UFW firewall.Let’s say you having a small network with few computers attached it and you want to install and update software packages on each system manually, then it would be difficult task and time consuming, that’s the reason configuring an apt-cacher-ng on any system would be great idea, because it will first caches all the downloaded packages from the internet on the apt-cache server and the rest of the Debian, Ubuntu machines get them from Apt-Cache, this will save our precious time and internet bandwidth too.

Nibbleblog runs on Apache and uses PHP language, so you will need to install Apache web server, PHP and other PHP libraries to your system.It is written in PHP and uses XML to store its information.Nibbleblog comes with lots of features including, Multilanguage support, Quote post, Plugins support, Template and themes support and much more.From the report home page we need to copy the Proxy URL for later use. Hereon, if any packages are downloaded on the client machine will be cached to apt-cache server.We can even install packages in this server from apt-cache which can be configured locally, by just adding below entry in /etc/apt/d/02proxy. In my client machine 92 packages can be updated, 43 updates are security updates which is available.

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