Validating assessment tools

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Outcomes of patients with hypertension and non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus treated by different systems and specialties: results from the Medical Outcomes Study. Use of medical care in the Rand health insurance experiment: diagnosis and service specific analyses in a randomized controlled trial. Current concepts in validity and reliability for psychometric instruments: theory and application.The American Journal of Medicine 2006;16.e7-166.e16 Cook DA, Brydges R, Ginsburg S, Hatala R. Tonsillectomy and ade-noidectomy in one Canadian province.

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Factor analysis, causal indicators and quality of life. Recent studies further showed that primary care may mitigate the adverse effects of income inequality on health.

The PCATfamily of instruments includes the Child Consumer/Client Survey, the Adult Consumer/Client Survey, and the Facility/Provider Survey. The relation between primary care and life chances.

The Primary Care Assessment Tool (PCAT) instruments developed by The Johns Hopkins Primary Care Policy Center for Underserved Populations were designed to measure the extent and quality of primary care services at a provider setting designated by consumers as their main source of general care and consistent with a focus on attributes of primary care that have been demonstrated to produce better outcomes of care at lower costs.

Type of health insurance and quality of primary care experience. The Facility/Provider Survey is designed to collect information about specific operational characteristics and practices related to providing primary care from the viewpoint of practitioners, clinics, group practices, and institutions.

Measuring attributes of primary care: development of a new instrument. Cassady C, Starfield B, Hurtado MP, Berk R, Nanda JP, Friedenberg LA. Ahigh school reading level is required to self-administer the questionnaire.

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