Validating questionnaire process

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Our teams have a shared responsibility to make sure that we get to our pipeline goals.

We know based upon pipeline metrics that we track where we need to be stepping into a quarter in order to meet our number.

I’m going to give you some real world tactics that we use to move deals through the funnel faster, on how to manage the funnel, and how to build a validated sales process.

Here’s some background: Acquia was one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States from 2009 to 2013, and I had the pleasure of joining when we were 20 people back in 2009.

The results are analyzed for each class of exam and reviewed by our technical subject matter experts in order to determine the content of future certification exams.

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To establish a valid certification program, we conduct job analyses to identify responsibilities required of an operator and the capabilities needed for successful performance.CURRENT SITUATION If you put an opportunity in and it doesn’t have a discovery letter, Sales Ops will go in and zero out the dollar value on that opportunity, they email you and CC your Sales Manager and say “You created this opportunity but don’t have a discovery letter.Once you’ve gone back and validated the opportunity you can go back and enter in a dollar amount.” This is something that someone on the Sales Management team sits down with each rep before they move an opportunity into one of forecast categories and they answer these particular questions: When we first started out, we did these in an ad-hoc fashion but now they’re religion in the company.Instead, the prospect has to respond back and say – “Yup. You have this part wrong” – this way you have an interaction with the prospect.The first thing we did to prevent reps from jamming up the pipeline is put the discovery letter process in place. The second thing we do is before you can move an opportunity from the prospect stage into one of our forecast categories is that they have to pass The Qualifying Test.

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