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This is one of the seven famous wonders of the world, representing a series of fortifications made initially of stone, earth and later of bricks.

However, the Chinese were the first who invented noodles.

Today tourists can visit some parts of the wall that were renovated by the Chinese government.

The first magnetic compass was invented in China probably during the Qin dynasty (221-206 BC).

A Chinese legend says that the first silk thread was created when a cocoon accidentally fell into the hot tea of Si-Ling-Chi, a Chinese Empress and the wife of Emperor Huang-ti. she managed to come up with the way of using silk in weaving.

She found that the threads of the cocoon were uncoiling and decided later to experiment with silkworms. Silk turned out to be very important to the economy of China and people kept its secret for thousands of years and the Great Wall of China helped them to do so.

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