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Do the same for "Meta Description", but this time pick the first 4 columns, then 8-10.Repeat this for each section to end up with the different sheets as follows: This number of sheets may look like overkill, but in my experience working with smaller amounts of data is much easier than trying to work on one large, data heavy spreadsheet. Well, we’ll need to go and open Current Site Crawl for Editing.Also, hold onto the very first crawl we did of the test site (Test Site Crawl).At the end, you’ll have these docs: Okay, you made it.Now you have the data in Excel format, and you can see what works on the test site, and what doesn't.This allows you to understand what's missing from the test site that is on the current site.

If your CMS doesn't allow for this, you can put the following in your file: User-agent: * Disallow: / No CMS?Then when you launch the new site, the new content will have no value because it will be duplicate.A site can be noindexed in two ways by your developers. If you have Word Press, for example, you simply check the box that reads: of every page: 2 – Your second option is to block the site in the file.You can manually insert the code if you have access to the header file by implementing the noindex, follow code as above.Download all of the HTML and save it as an Excel file. This will be the test crawl you’ll check through later.

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