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The number of trapped electrons and the energy stored is proportional to time.

Heating releases suddenly this energy stored under the effect of radioactivity.

All plants and animals on Earth are made principally of carbon.

During the period of a plant's life, the plant is taking in carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, which is how the plant makes energy and grows.

Homo Sapiens Thermo luminescence dating is a technique that has several applications in Prehistory.

Dating is made from minerals found on archaeological sites, which were heated at the time such as flints or potteries for more recent remains.

The measure of the stored energy accumulated, which is difficult and requires calibration, allows to evaluate the age of the object being examined. One application is the dating of heated flints, which are abundant in prehistoric sites.

It was thus possible to prove that early modern humans (the “proto Cro-Magnon ") had lived on a site in the Middle East nearly 90,000 years ago.

These rays lose their energy while passing through the mineral.

They could not be a descendant of Neanderthal men whose a skeleton was found in a layer dated from 60,000 years.

Thermoluminescence dating is also used to date potteries and ceramics in sites that range from the Neolithic period (at the time of polished stones, before the first Egyptian) and the Middle Age.

In Nyerup's time, archaeologists could date the past only by using recorded histories, which in Europe were based mainly on the Egyptian calendar.

They used pottery and other materials in sites to date 'relatively'.

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