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will immediately recognize this 454 (aka BBC Big Hero VI) as the very same engine we plucked from a wrecking yard and plopped on the dyno.In Part 1, we stripped the Gen VI 454 of its factory injection and installed a Holley carburetor, Edelbrock intake, and MSD distributor.

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Changing the pistons would mean rebalancing the assembly, not to mention additional machine work, since we would want to bore the block for a fresh ring seal.

Despite unknown mileage and internal condition, we ventured forward and subjected the engine to the rigors of the dyno.

As luck (or preparation) would have it, we were rewarded with not just a decent-running BBC, but one that seemed to revel in the abuse we had planned for it.

After the initial baseline runs, we stepped right up and swung for the fences by adding a ZEX nitrous system.

Undaunted, our BBC hero shrugged off the chemical warfare and offered up over 500 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque.

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