Who is big e langston dating jenson ackles dating

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Big E: Yeah, actually, I don't want to admit that I like Girls, but a girl I was dating a while ago got me to start watching "Girls." It's really well-written and I enjoy that.I went to [the University of] Iowa so I got a little excited that this season takes place at the University of Iowa Writers Workshop, so it's cool to see some stuff that will be shot in Iowa City, I believe. What do you tend to eat, and are there any restaurants you favor over others?

There's a decent amount of us who like to do other stuff and be busy in our home lives. We're not like actors in a traditional sense in that they can do a role for a few months and then escape into another role, so people see their onscreen identities as more fluid [and] don't connect them for the most part to who that individual is, but people always see me as Big E.

For me at least, there's a need for normalcy when I get home. When I get home, it's just a matter of doing the chores that I need to do to get back on the road and then just plopping down in front of some Netflix or college football. For me, there isn't a lot of going out or really utilizing the visibility I've had on TV to do a lot of cool stuff. You always have to be polite even when you've only slept an hour and a half and have to get on a plane and see people in the airport at 5 in the morning.

That's something we're always cognizant of: just being attached to who we are as a character.

Would you describe it as a particularly easy or difficult life? Two former professional wrestlers are suing Stamford-based WWE, accusing the entertainment giant of "selling violence" while ignoring concussions that they say left them with serious brain injuries.

Big E: It's hard to characterize it as a hard, difficult life. The men, including one who performed under the name Skull Von Krush, have filed a potential class-action...

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