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The couple scoffs at the allegations made by the New York Post that Bruce had handpicked Emma during casting for his 2007 film because he was single and looking around.While Emma did indeed score a small role in the movie, she and Bruce say they were hardly, well, strangers by that point, having known each other prior to the film’s production.If you don’t have a relationship with us after 25 years, I don’t know what to tell you,” Bolthouse said. Newlyweds Bruce and Emma Willis go big (and bold) for love.Her lithe frame and understated beauty caught Bruce’s eye, but at the time, she was engaged to L. nightlife entrepreneur Brent Bolthouse, so the two became merely friendly acquaintances.Two years later, Emma’s relationship had ended, and in fall 2007 she was preparing to leave L. “We went on one date, on the Friday before Emma was getting ready to move back to New York, and then we fell mad crazy in love,” says Bruce.“When you think about where are you going to find that big love of your life, you seldom think it’s someone you already know.

In truth, the Willises, who wed at Bruce’s home in Turks and Caicos in March and made it legal with a follow-up civil ceremony in Los Angeles, are hardly exhibitionists.We’re very adamant about that.’,” Bolthouse warned.Metallica’s Lars Ulrich ducking in to a nearby hangar for a breather.one of the hangars for a much smaller crowd of intimates, the late DJ AM anchored one plank of a DJ troika, with Steve Aoki and Danny Masterson.Aoki was years away from his current stature as a global producer, label owner, and cake-tossing entertainer.

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