Who is jerry bruckheimer dating

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"He became so biting and cutting on the telephone with people, and said such terrible things in a way that nobody would forget, that it became hard to do business.

I had to be the sweeper - the guy who comes along afterwards and cleans up the mess."After Simpson's death, many people assumed that Bruckheimer was finished, thinking that he was the lacklustre sidekick who couldn't get the job done without wild Don playing the heavy.

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He wanted to be Jack Nicholson, or maybe Warren Beatty."Like Bruckheimer, Simpson taught himself to be a producer.

Bruckheimer took the success in his stride, but it came too fast for Simpson - a big spender who wasted no time establishing himself as one of Hollywood's most notorious party animals.

He could never get enough sex and drugs, and nobody could stop him trying.

When I first knew him, you could go into his room and find the floor covered with books."He thought if he could just get enough success, it would make his pain go away.

But it didn't, because the pain was too deep."Bruckheimer has rarely spoken so openly about his old friend, partly because he has been loth to add to the media frenzy that followed Simpson's death.

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