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John has vehemently denied that Priya was the reason for the break up with Bipasha.

The question still is, were John and Priya actually married three years ago in 2011 even though there are strong rumours to suggest that they were certainly engaged by then.

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however as i hav recently heard and as far as gossip has potrayed he has had a fling with the amazing Katrina kaif aswell as making the new movie New York he was to come to our screens again and act alongside Katrina in dostana 2. Well there are two different popular ones, there is the football player and there is also the bollywood actor..

Meanwhile sources also claim that Bipasha and John’s split came because John had made up his mind not to marry Bipasha and left the relationship because he wanted to marry Priya. Stories abound on how John Abraham and Priya Runchal first met in a gym in Bandra in December 2010.

According to John the two met via a mutual friend in April 2011 after his break up with Bipasha, something the actress has denied off record.

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She was charged with possessing an unauthorised firearm, possessing ammunition without a licence and possessing a defaced firearm. Sources close to Bipasha Basu claim that John separated with the leggy actress to marry Priya Runchal.Senior journalists in the Mumbai media circle claim that it was indeed Bipasha’s PR team that had informed the media about John and Priya when they were out on a date, immediately post the John-Bipasha break up.When NSW police raided the Sydney apartment of Sarah Budge, 28, last August, they allegedly found a loaded Glock handgun stored in a wooden box in her bedroom.The former model who began dating Kings Cross nightclub owner Ibrahim in 2014, is facing three firearms-related charges - which were initially set to be heard in a Local Court at Sydney's Downing Centre.

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