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Passionately and reassuringly, Ghomeshi addressed a country in shock from shootings on Parliament Hill the day before: “This is not what we do, who we are,” he said. This is ” Just five days later, his status as a man who could speak for Canada was shattered.

Everyone bridled—at least privately—at his mood swings and his penchant for playing staff against one another.But the soul-searching within the insular Canadian arts and cultural establishment had another component.Though the specific allegations themselves, and their horrifying nature, came as a shock to many, there had been foreshadowing for years in the circles in which Ghomeshi moved, a tribal drum dating back to his days at York University 25 years ago, warning women not to get too close.It was a case of everybody knew—except for the hundreds of thousands of listeners who started the day with his soothing voice, and who, understandably, trusted in the person presented to them by the CBC.No one saw that disconnect more clearly than the dozen or so people who worked on .

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