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My name is Elisabeth and im a educated, rafined, bisexual cam model. IM also open minded so i accept almost any kind of cam shows or custom video proposals. Im a very sexy mommy, always horny and ready to play. I am waiting to meet you, I know we will have great moments, I love to show you everything you want to see, tell me what you have in mind. Vocal improvement at home - improve your own voice by altering the pitch and timbre; record, and then practice your new and improved voice. Take advantage of our large, growing, online library of free voice and sound effects packs.Easily create your own, high quality voiceovers for movie, radio, narration, and more. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is waiting for all your audio stories, voice messages, and even music remix projects. By precisely modifying the two basic qualities of human voice, Pitch and Timbre, users can change, tune, improve, morph and create almost any vocal modification.Edits and adds in effects, to design your modified-voice file precisely to your requirements.The advanced virtual driver technology makes it possible to connect AV Voice Changer Software Diamond to most Vo IP programs, role-playing games or web chat applications. You can make any voice sound more feminine, masculine, childish, younger or older, or even sound like a famous celebrity’s voice.

If you have any special request share it with me and lets do it... New clean design make every voice recording task become effortless. Over one hundred ready-to-use "nickvoices" to use with any online nickname and personality.Quickly switch between the nickvoices and presets with the built-in hotkey support Analyze 4 fundamental characteristics of your voice: Harmony, Brightness, Pitch, Score to understand what's going on with your current voice, or analyze any other original or altered voice. Be compatible with any Internet-based program, voice chat application, instant messenger program, Vo IP program, and online, in-game voice chat systems.Now, the majority of my ads are produced using my voice alone, only my voice has been tweaked and altered to sound like I hired a dozen people, both male and female.Vocalizing a voice-over is quite an art and there's way more to it than simply reading what's on a page.

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